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We have over 25 years of combined experience in underwriting, placing and servicing commercial loans.  Our loan officers have served on the board of directors of various banks and understand

the Lender's focus.  We work with the borrower and the broker by putting a commercial loan package together for presentation to the Lender and to ensure that the client's mortgage needs are fully satisfied.


 Because we don't advertise, we rely on residential and commercial brokers to bring  us their commercial transactions.  Brokers are always protected and commissions are deducted from the proceeds at the loan closings.


Conduit/Nonrecourse Programs


Few commercial brokers in the state specialize in the preparation and presentation of a "Wall Street" non‑recourse loan.  We will guide find the right Lender and guide your client through the process by providing our insight and experience in bringing the loan to a quick closing.



Institutional Loans


Preparation of entire loan package

Presentation of Loan to several Lenders

Protected brokers


Private loans


Quick Response

Closing within 24 hours after completion of work

Short‑form appraisals usually accepted

Flexible loan structures

Minimal documentation

Protected brokers 


Just give us a call with your deal and we will  provide you with a rapid response. We believe that a "quick no is better than a prolonged maybe."  With PFH, the quality of the property is more important than the credit of the Borrower. 


PFH Mortgage, LLC (PFH) is a private real estate mortgage company that specializes in unconventional financing where speed and attention to special circumstances are critical. 


PFH  provides short term "bridge" real estate secured loans for many types of commercial properties. PFH can finance  bank workouts, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and many other situations involving commercial real estate.


PFH  recognizes the importance of speed, and that loans must often be structured around each client's unique set of financial circumstances. Our program has been providing lightning‑fast service and creative funding solution.  Speed is important in today's fast‑moving world. When speed and "getting the deal done" is important, a loan from PFH is like "Pennies from Heaven".


Because of our legal and real estate experience PFH understands the legal and financial ramifications of commercial property work‑outs, foreclosures and bankruptcies, as well as other kinds of creative financing. We have experience in bankruptcies, foreclosures, retail and residential development, and management of commercial buildings. 


Loans are secured by real estate, based upon a 50%‑70% loan‑to‑value ratio and run for one year. Because we have no committees, or red tape, PFH has the ability to close loans quickly without the hassle of voluminous paperwork or numerous meetings.  Closings typically take place within two weeks.  Often, we are able to close without the borrower paying the high cost of new appraisals.




$1,000,000 cash out refinance of vacant office building for tenant improvements.   


$2.5 Million first mortgage to Borrower for orderly liquidation of business and subsequent sale of the underlying real estate.  Some environmental issues existed. 


$1,000,000 loan to an investor for the purchase of a non‑performing first mortgage to allow investor to foreclose on the property and obtain title to the property.


$500,000 loan closed in 6 days after borrower was turned down at a bank.  Buyer about to lose deposit under time is of the essence clause.


$535,000 loan closed in 2 weeks to a  nightclub in bankruptcy for the purchase of their building.


$270,000 loan for a foreclosure bailout to developer with subdivision approvals in place.  Funds were used for site work.


SBA loan ‑80% LTV to Professional LLC for refinance of existing high interest rate loan. 

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